Friday, November 23, 2007

Retreat and Christmas knitting musings..

The retreat was a total blast. The bus ride out was fun, got to meet some people and knit and drink and we made it out there without any hitches. Friday was basically check in, supper (a lovely buffet at Cilantro and more drinking, then we could do what we wanted which for me involved going to the outdoor hot tub for a bit (in the snow!) and then back to my room to attempt to light the fire (didn't work), read a bit and then to sleep.

I almost overslept, but the people below me banged around a bit so I woke up (forgot to turn on my alarm before I went to sleep). We had breakfast, then a class with Annie and lunch and more class/sessions and knitting and about 4 most of us scattered. I was so tired for some reason so I ended up starting a fire (yay!) knitting a bit in my room and then falling asleep for an hour. That evening was a sit down dinner, again at Cilantro, where I learned a way to tell what was the bread plate and my drink in a formal setting. I also learned some new things with my camera, and how to say bad words in sign language. A very informative dinner. ;) After supper was a PJ party in the lodge, with lots of Baileys and hot chocolate and a really cute bartender.

Sunday was easy going. Up by 9, packed and checked out by 10ish and then brunch buffet at 11. We all then hung out for a few hours until the bus came. I decided to walk to the bus instead of taking the shuttle across the bridge, and of course on my way I managed to slip and fall down a small set of stairs as it had snowed off and on all weekend and, being right by the lake, it was a wet snow and so got icy. Then a ride back to Calgary, and a new friend got me a ride home with her sister in law and her.

It was great. :) Wish it could've been longer actually.

I also got a bunch of pictures! Mostly of the scenery, but it was great.

Now that I'm back and recovered from the drinking (seriously, dropped shortly after my son did most of this week I was amazingly tired still) and I am now pondering my Christmas knitting. Taking stock of truly where I am, how much I can do, and can I do it all?

We shall see.

The list so far:
3 felted purses - one knit, needs felting
1 pair fingerless gloves - not started
1 hat - almost done
4 tea cozies - one started
2 or 3 sets of finger puppets, crocheted - not yet started

32 days to knit/crochet them in. I was trying to finish socks, but with the others I've decided bus time will be better spent on quicker projects and the socks can be saved for the February birthday (same person, just a couple months later).

And two of the cozies must be mailed out to Nova Scotia from Alberta. EEP!

Will I make it? Do I have time?

I dunno but I've got my mug of Christmas tea, my new dvd set of Heroes season 1 (which I got for my birthday!) and one set of needles and a big ball of alpaca. Maybe I can bang off one, or most of, a purse tonight before I need to sleep because tomorrow will have little knitting time. My bro is coming down, and I have picture plans, family dinner and driving lessons. Plus I need to find time somewhere to work hard on my final project, barely started and due in less than two weeks.

Insane? Yup, that's me.

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Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

I loved your photo set! What a great weekend. I don't think I've laughed as much in ages as I did during that dinner. Who knew sign language could be that much fun? Would you be willing to e-mail me a copy of the one pic you took at dinner that I'm in? I never got any pictures of myself the whole weekend. Good luck with all your Christmas knitting!