Friday, November 02, 2007

What have I been up to?


And this:

Mystic Waters KAL

(Start of the Mystic Waters shawl, I joined the KAL on a whim and now I want to find the time to knit!)

And learning how to link to photos from flickr.

I've also been busy with school and work and learning to drive, plus completing halloween costumes (he was a jester.. okay, same as last year but I finished the hat this year! Next year I'll have to make something else..) and going trick or treating and already plotting what I'm doing with my weekends for the next two months.

Seriously, I'm practically booked to the new year and it's barely the first week of November. But the retreat is coming up! A fortnight from now, I will be sitting in a lodge in the mountains with lots of other knitters and relaxing. Yay!

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