Monday, December 17, 2007

8 Sleeps to Christmas

And so the countdown continues..

This Thursday I'm to meet my BFF for supper and exchange presents. I have most of her stuff done, except for..

Her purse Squatty Sidekick

I'm halfway done, I think if I drop in a movie and knit I can maybe finish it today, if not then I'll have to finish it tomorrow because I'll need to felt it Wednesday so it can be done and dried by morning (meeting after work, no time to come home and then go out again).

So what am I putting on? A quintessential Christmas movie.

Die Hard 2.

But for some Christmas spirit, here's our little Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree 2007

We set it up on Sunday.

And just to show I am getting some stuff done, this was sent off to the East Coast yesterday. Here's hoping it gets there on time, Mom sent it regular post.

Tea Cozy

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