Thursday, February 21, 2008

On my feet..

Amazing what one day, a long sleep and a dose of cold meds will do for you.

I finally feel.. normal. Or not normal, you know how you feel when you're finally well after being sick? How the world is your oyster and you have SO MUCH ENERGY and you are WELL so you can take on the WORLD!?

Then reality sinks in, the laundry and the dishes haven't been done properly for a week (the only plus side is there isn't many because you hadn't cooked much in a week either) and you need to stock up on groceries and shovel out the kleenex.. but for a couple hours this afternoon I was high on LIFE.

Then I am confronted by this:


This was taken with my cell, so the quality sucks but I think I get my point across. Ugh. This is Calgary in the midst of a warm spell during winter (+11 today! I don't think there was a Chinook though, usually I freeze anyway cuz of the wind.. I dunno, I'm not a weather person). It looks like blah. Brown and nothing.. you didn't see the grey everywhere too (from the dirt that had coated the grass after spraying up in the form of slush).

So I did what any knitter would naturally do. I bought this:

Spring Yarn

Green, yellow, joyous green! I was surfing around at work and spotted it on the blog.. so I got curious and looked and just could NOT help myself. So now I have to finish a pair of socks tonight/on the commute/at lunch (for my BFF's birthday tomorrow night!!!) before I will allow myself to cast on a pair of garter toes in glorious spring-like GREEN.

Don't remind me of all the OTHER projects I have on the go, and planned. I think the order of the day is green.

And for those who missed it, a slightly blurry attempt at night photography of a lunar eclipse by moi:

Lunar Eclipse 001

Lunar Eclipse 008

PS. Can you tell I'm just a TAD bit hyper now that I feel better?

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raining sheep said...

That green yarn is super cute. What is it?