Thursday, February 28, 2008


Blogger isn't bad but one thing that annoys me crazily is that I when I get a comment on a post I can't email back to them, or post a reply easily to a person. I'm spoiled by livejournal I guess. Does Wordpress do something like that? I can install it on my hosting, which I need to do something with anyway since I am paying for it.

It's scary though, blogger is easy peasy. (And I claim to be a geek sometimes *snorts*)

But to answer Raining Sheep's question (and one I am sure all of you who read my blog* have) is what is that yarn from my last post?

That would be the Wasonga sock yarn from Curious Creek in colourway Birches in Norway and bought from the lovely ladies at Make1.

I did start the sock, but I need to finish other socks so I haven't gotten very far. And anyway, I had spinning class last night. I'm enjoying it, and a wheel is tempting but I am sticking to a spindle because a spinning wheel is definitely out of the budget this year, and a spindle is more likely to get used not stuck in a corner and forgotten (like my poor sewing machine most of the year).

No pictures again. I need to work more on my shawl, and finish those socks, but for now I think I'll have a mug of tea and go to bed. Getting back to my usual sleeping pattern after it being whacked by illness is always a treat.

*I can't be the only one who is surprised when she gets comments, right? I'm not very amusing or witty like the people I read and I often feel like I'm shouting into the wind off a mountaintop. So who would read MY blog?


aunty tink said...

Most of the time, I read but don't post a comment....even though I love to get the comments too.

Bunny Queen said...

You are most certainly not the only one who is surprised when you get a comment. Nor are you the only one annoyed by the "" email address on comments. Luckily for me, most of my readers are people I actually know and I can email or call them even when I get an "anonymous" post from them. :)