Friday, February 08, 2008

One last winter taking the bus..

That's what I keep telling myself anyway, if I can manage to get some refresher and pass the test in June (which is when I'll be allowed to even attempt the test..) and even afford to buy an old Honda Accord (which is what my brother tells me is a good car to get second hand, he had one, and he's the car dude).

Okay, I'd have been stuck in traffic for ages even in my own vehicle but I'd at least be able to pick my own route and not stop every block or so. The only blessing is that it is winter and the.. well, the odor of hard working man who hasn't bathed in a week was minimized. I just had to deal with the assault of the remnants of cigarettes and marijuana as well as the liberal splash of some cologne that makes my sinusitis worse and my stomach turn over.

With how bad I've been feeling I didn't even pick up the needles on the bus today, instead I just closed my eyes and listened to my audiobook.

The worst of it is, I didn't go to charity knit night. I went home, had a huge mug of tea and a big bowl of stew that had been simmering for a bit and changed into my big fluffy blue robe and I'm grateful that I don't have to be out in this tonight.

I'll see about making a hat or something though, like I had intended.

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